Now ever since that total Robert Kraft sting, I’ve been investigating massage parlors and rub review websites as if you check out. Cause getting, i have had it to here (you know where) with the nonsense and bad content material why these sites pull off posting. I’m discussing web sites like alive Rub product reviews and now Body Rub Index.

While my personal full rundown of the website won’t end their particular madness and foolishness, it will probably possibly help a consumer maybe not get swindled and even even worse, detained for making use of the web sites.

That said, if you were to think i am joking about getting into trouble for seeing Asian massage parlors and shady spas, after that reconsider that thought. I have had gotten a few articles which you need to see in the event that you question me with this material. Take a look at the portion detailing
Mr. Kraft’s day spa check out
in addition to the rundown of all
Fort Lauderdale Spas I examined

You got that right, i am no slouch right here – i actually do my personal research! Today, when it comes to worst regarding the worst considering that i am going to unless my fury on the, I will only tell you to
remain the heck far from
too. This is the worst of them all.

Okay, since we had gotten all that out-of-the-way, for you personally to discuss the things I discover Body Rub Index…

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My personal Review of Alive Rub Reviews (Now System Wipe Index)

Okay, therefore I’m diving in mind very first here to describe exactly what the hell is happening because of this web site from very first click completely to hiring a female for a rub down (you should not exercise). The first thing that you’re see once you look at the web site is an Accept or Reject layover which will be basically a warning label because of their very own security.

The site is pretty much saying that if you do not consent to the conditions that features offered after that your «use» is regarded as «trespassing.» Here is the the majority of outrageous thing I’ve actually ever browse within my life time, seriously.

While I 100% concur with the simple fact that they need a warning and something to avoid minors from being able to access the site, the «No Trespassing» line is junk. If you would like see what the alerting seems like go here under. Oahu is the book in the red field below.

The Primary Page

When you consent to the terms and conditions by clicking the «I Accept» switch you will access the website. Fundamentally, that which you’ll access is actually a summary of claims therefore the towns and cities within all of them.

I took the way of plunge inside local Miami section of the website. When I did, I happened to be immediately expected easily wanted to allow notifications and I mentioned no. However dove inside Miami system Rubs section observe exactly what it was actually everything about.

find more information at

The Miami Webpage

Very, typically, there’s not much I can state about that page except that the point that a majority of these women you should not actually appear to be they are through the Miami, FL area.

All of the girls seem like overseas. Positive, its believed that there are probably going to be plenty of Asian women because it’s a massage classified listings web site, but think about it, that is absurd.

I Did So just what any loyal reporter would do, I dug further…

We got a close look into certain adverts and pointed out that you’ll find cell phone numbers of ladies with literally 1,000 plus advertisements posted on the website.

The girl doesn’t even look like exactly the same lady in all the pictures in relevant advertisement. I’d need certainly to point out that this is exactly most likely one particular cases where you will find a woman on the internet and several other ugly girl comes up at your top home to give you a massage.

Either that or a policeman! who is to state which, truly? There is absolutely no telling which can be which with your stale massage therapy girl advertisements.

An added thing I’d like to point out right here is the undeniable fact that they pepper the average person massage pages with advertising ads all around us. Have a look below and you’ll see just what What i’m saying is. These are typically adverts ultimately causing shady AF websites that i actually do not advocate or suggest utilizing whatsoever.

Going Back Again To The Main Miami Page

Okay, so now you know your ads tend to be garbage and probably not real (inside my humble viewpoint). I do want to cover more about the primary Miami, FL web page and each different city web page available.

Invest the a closer look at the photographs shown in the area pages, you are going to realize that many have words within the pictures.

People say, GLUCOSE KIDS, Get ladies, real time Hookup, totally free Cams, satisfy residents, brand-new town satisfy and more. These are typically maybe not genuine listing. In fact, these are typically undercover commercials made to appear like actual massage lady listing. Scammy, in the morning We appropriate? You understand it.

I’ve circled the applicable pictures and text below to demonstrate you an example.

The Most Notable Links

Might notice the same thing by taking a peek near the top of each inner page. You’ll find website links to adverts which redirect you to definitely other sites with nothing at all to do with getting human body rubs anyway.

See in which it checks out Hookup today, Live gender, Get Milfs, Get ladies, Miami Escorts, etc? Well, not one of those backlinks can help you attain the human body scrub down you are looking to get.

Massage Ads Source

I would additionally want to add this particular internet site is actually republishing advertisements that have been blasted on multilple web sites. Nothing is distinctive about any of it site after all.

They spider the other web sites, aggregate the categorized advertisements and submit replicate updates. They wish you click on their unique advertising ads versus looking at girls for rubdowns – that’s it.

The Terms And Conditions

I look at the conditions and they are fairly absurd any time you ask me. In reality, one particular absurd part of the terms and conditions is Illegality and Tortious Make

. This is how they state which you cannot make use of the site to employ someone for illegal prostitution.

However, they can be revealing you adverts for sexual services in exchange for cash. Funny, isn’t this what they are telling you to not ever utilize the website for?

Area Disturbance with Functions

states you cannot spider the site yet they have spidered other sites to tear and upload every classified ads they will have submitted here nowadays.

Conclusion: Body Rub Index Actually Well Worth Using

There’s really no reason to even check out a website like It is one particular internet sites that merely post revisions from other massage adverts all over the net. The precision from the adverts they publish is actually dubious at the best should you decide ask me.

They truly are attempting to end up being the «Wayback maker of
therapeutic massage and body scrub
marketing and advertising.» They index stale erotic massage therapy ads and release all of them for revenue in hopes that you click on banners. Seems in my opinion like nobody is acquiring any rubdowns right here on Live wipe ratings or Body wipe Index. Screw this all noise, only
use an intercourse online dating application on your phone
in order to satisfy men and women for massages, rubdowns, and more.

Note: I would like to mention that It’s my opinion this web site is actually connected with
the web site
but I can not confirm that. I realized it actually was worth mentioning whatever.

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