The fresh new Cheyenne Mail-order Fiance Romanced by Ranch
In order to their perishing time, Lydia Maxwell’s husband never ever forgave their own to own failing woefully to provide him a keen heir. Whom you can expect to fault your to possess their anger? The world enjoys absolutely nothing explore for bare women.
Lydia had destroyed all of the promise of any sort from future whenever she sees a beneficial Cheyenne rancher’s offer getting a post-purchase bride. Giles Cooper has already raised a family group and only seeks company into the the next spouse. Lydia writes the new rancher back, excited about the chance away from another life aside West.
What Lydia cannot understand would it be are Giles’s child just who place the newest offer. Whenever she arrives inside the Cheyenne, she finds out Giles try adamantly not in favor of remarrying. […]